small sectional sofa

Whether your home decor style is traditional, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse or something in between, there are easy ways to give any room a refresh. Add some pizazz to your shelf display by adding mementos of your travels, or create a centerpiece with a few easy DIY tricks.

A wall that is bare can be transformed by an indoor plant. It will add texture, color and a breath of fresh air. Or, showcase your favorite china collection by creating a staircase gallery.


Natural accents are essential for home decor. These decorative plants can enhance the aesthetics of any room.

small sectional sofa

Plants can provide benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. Bringing plant life to a room is known to reduce stress levels and anxiety, as well as bring in a sense of peace and tranquility. This is particularly true for rooms that people tend to congregate in.

Not only can adding plants to your home decor be a great way to make the environment feel more serene, but they can also help boost indoor air quality. Certain plants can act as a natural air purifier by removing toxins from the air and helping with odor control.

These home decor projects are not only easy to execute, but also inexpensive. These projects will help you enhance the look and feel in any room of your home, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned pro looking to make your home more inviting for guests.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces can transform your home. From unique furniture to artworks, rugs, a small sectional sofa and other decor pieces, statement pieces will make it stand out. These eye-catching elements are bold and unique, showcasing your style and adding a touch of flair that makes your home truly your own.

Balance is the key to incorporating statement items into your space. While they should standout from your decor, they shouldn’t compete with it. Choose complementary colors and textures that enhance the bold element. This creates a visually stunning design with a harmonious feel.

It is important to consider the placement of your statement item in your space, as well as its color and style. Choose a focal area in your room to display the piece, such as a dining table or sofa. This will make it easy to see by guests and the focal point of the room.

It is possible to give your house a new look by incorporating the right home décor elements. This will save you money on major renovation projects. From bold wallpapers to tufted leather sofas, these affordable and simple ideas can instantly transform a home into something more stylish. Don’t be afraid of breaking the rules when you shop for new home decor. Your home should be your happy place. So embrace the quirks and make it uniquely yours!

Comfy Seating

It doesn’t matter if your living space is a cozy, family-friendly area or a sleek and contemporary den. The way it feels is just as crucial as its aesthetic. We’ve gathered some of the best home decorating ideas to make your living room, family room or bedroom a relaxing and inviting space. We’ve included quick and easy projects that can be done on a tight budget, plus ideas that work well for a range of styles. These home decorating tips will inspire. From a chic shutter cabinet to a DIY botanic tablescape, they are sure to be inspiring. You can entertain in style by making a few small changes to your home.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are so much more than fluffy fluff. They are functional accent pieces that can elevate your home decor to the next level. Plus, they are a great way for you to exercise your interior design skills.

Bold colors have made a comeback as interior design trends, and throw pillows can be the perfect way to introduce these colors into your home. Choose a color that complements your furnishings or choose a contrast for visual interest. For example, a yellow pillow against a burgundy sofa can look striking.

Texture is another way to decorate with pillows. To add depth and interest, look for textured fabrics such as woven or embroidered materials or soft faux fur. Or, pair chunky cable knits and a fuzzy applique cushion for an eclectic look.

Use patterned pillows to show your personality. Play around with a variety of designs, and be sure to incorporate a solid-colored throw pillow in the mix for balance. And don’t be afraid to mix and match — it’s all about what makes you happy.


A stool is a piece that can transform a room’s look without taking up a lot of space. They’re an interior designer’s secret weapon because they’re incredibly versatile and can be placed nearly anywhere in a home. Use a stool for extra seating or footstools, as a decorative piece or even as a makeshift table. They’re a great accent to any sofa or chair and come in all shapes and sizes.

A simple stool, like this tufted version from Target, is the perfect footstool to read or watch TV. Combine it with a cozy throw pillow and blanket to create a perfect spot to relax in your living room.

Stools make the perfect place to store your favorite books, trinkets and other accent pieces for a small entranceway. You can also use them as a cute pedestal to hold a vase with flowers.

The shape of the stool is as important as color in a scheme. Choose a stool in the same color as your chosen pattern to tie the design together. The yellow-striped Lynwood Cube Stool from Target, for example, complements the blue striped rug in this cozy nook.


Mirrors are an underestimated decor accessory that can make a dramatic impact. When positioned correctly, they work wonders to brighten up any room and add a touch of glamour.

Mirrors with decorative elements can also be used to draw attention and highlight the beauty of a piece of furniture or artwork. The size of the mirror is important when choosing one for a mantelpiece. Too small and it can look out of place; too large, and it could overwhelm the space. The best choice is one that will complement the mantelpiece and reflect items such as fine artwork or candles on the table below.

Mirrors can even be used in an unexpected way, such as as a backdrop to a photo gallery or a mirrored front on a fitted closet. A mirrored gallery wall can be a stunning accent in a bedroom or living room, while a mirrored window behind the window can help to increase natural light throughout each day.

A mirror is not only useful for its aesthetic appeal, but can also be used to temporarily fix any imperfections in your home you can’t afford to fix or don’t have the time to do so. This is particularly true for things such as scuff marks and uneven paint. A large mirror can completely transform a room’s look until you have the time to make a permanent update.

Ceiling Makeover

Give your space a visual upgrade with a ceiling makeover. A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to brighten a room and create the illusion of higher ceilings, while a non-traditional color choice can act as a focal point that draws eyes up. A high-gloss paint finish will create a dramatic effect by reflecting light around the room.

You can also transform the ceiling into a focal piece by applying wallpapers or other patterns. A fun striped pattern can add interest to an otherwise neutral nursery or bedroom.

You can also use wood accents on the ceiling to bring warmth and sophistication into a room. Wooden beams or moldings can instantly enhance an otherwise simple room. Faux finishes such as sponge painting or rag-rolling can add texture and depth to flat ceilings. You can use staining techniques to give existing wood features a new look, without having to replace them.

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